Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sara Bareilles: The Blessed Unrest quick review

A thank you to the awesome Sara Bareilles for releasing another awesome album. I'm a sleep deprived, but putting "Satellite Call" on repeat for the fifth time tonight.

Not going to properly review the album because, to be honest, I'd give a near perfect score to a recording of Sara reading a phone book. Anyways, a week of playing through the album about a dozen or so times, and I think I have a feel for the album by now.

In short, I love it. I'm finding myself playing through the album from start to finish more often than just picking out a few favorites. There are a lot of processed/filtered vocals, which work, but having heard Sara's live voice, nothing else does her stripped down, naked voice any justice. Can't wait until I can hear what she does with these songs live.

Picks off the Album for infinite repeat duty:
Chasing the Sun
Satellite Call
I Choose You