Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ikea RITVA Curtains Review

For some reason, we have to have two layers of curtains in the living room. We have always had two layers of curtains, so maybe it's a habit thing. Whatever -- we have two layers of curtains.
Ikea RITVA Curtains
Because we have two layers, one directly in front of each window and one set slightly behind all windows, the inner set has to be very large. In the photo above, you'll hopefully get an idea of how large the space is that needs to be covered by these curtains. The dimensions required for the inner curtains is something like 8' x 8'. Hunting for replacements curtains that large was a laborious and painful process.

The old set was at least a decade old, very sheer, and stained with a number of things. We tried to replace it a few times getting custom made curtains done and another store bought set or two. Those were too thick or a hideous color. A sort of privacy curtain was desired, but being a living room, we still wanted a large amount of light to come through. Eventually, I checked out Ikea's collection and stumbled upon the Ikea RITVA.

Ikea RITVA curtains should be 100% cotton and come in at 3m x 1.45m, according to the website. This was a few years ago, so I am not sure if any changes have been made. The product on the website does have a matching name and similar dimensions though.
Ikea RITVA Curtains - Daytime
Ikea RITVA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair - US$ 34.99

Coming in at 3m, they were too long and first had to be shortened. After some cutting, sewing, and ironing, they were ready to be hung -- guess who wasn't involved in any of that. This was a replacement, which meant that we had hooks already so no other hanging hardware or accessories were necessary. Hanging wasn't the funnest without a ladder available -- thank you, kitchen chair.
Ikea RITVA Curtains
Not really a structural item that can fall over, but I guess they can fall down. After a few years, they haven't fallen down once. More accurately, that means the curtains aren't too heavy for the hooks or hangers, and the fabric isn't too weak to support its own weight.

Expandability / Customizability
The RITVA comes in multiple colors? Black and white are two of them.

Everyday Use
These curtains have been drawn and moved around on a daily basis for years. No signs of significant wear or damage have been noticed. The material is pretty thick and it looks like they block quite a bit of light out during the day time.

As a nighttime privacy curtain, these probably won't cut it. Coming home, I can usually see through the two layers of curtains and see images on the TV. Everything is blurred, but I can kind of make things out on the TV and silhouettes of people. It's not a big deal during the daytime because both the inside and outside are bright. A darker color would probably help a lot. If we did get darker curtains, we'd probably just have to draw them more often.

Overall, a quality set of curtains for about CAD$ 40 to CAD$ 50. I've been very satisfied with them and appreciate the fact that they fit and look reasonably good.

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