Monday, July 15, 2013

Ikea LERBERG Shelf Review

That ain't mine... Go watch Magnolia. No, really, this is not my shelf, but I have considered buying one. It belongs to someone else in the house and I'm running out of my own Ikea items to review, so here we go!

A while ago, I wanted cheap shelves, and looked into the LERBERG series because of its steel construction and very low price. Instead, I decided on getting some very expensive IVAR shelves that look amazing and set me back over $200. The only real alternative I considered then was the GORM because it was very similar and much cheaper. What's wrong with the LERBERG? Nothing much that I can see. I just wanted something bigger.

The LERBERG is a steel shelf that comes in at 60cm x 35cm x 148cm, according to the Ikea website. It also weighs about 15 lb (website), which is relatively light. Moving back one sentence, do take another look at the dimensions. I'm 5'4" and the top of this shelf is around the height of my mouth when standing next to it. There are only four shelves and I don't see any way to buy, let alone attach, additional shelves.
Ikea LERBERG Front
Ikea LERBERG Shelf Unit - US$ 19.99

Again, not mine, so it was assembled by someone else. However, I took a look at the instructions on the website. Only three steps were noted and it looked like a typical Ikea assembly process: start from the floor and move up. I noticed that the construction seemed similar to the GORM shelf in that all the shelves were screwed into the legs. No rear cross-brace appeared to be necessary though. Doesn't seem like it would have been too hard, especially when it should only weigh 15 lb in total and is actually shorter than me.
The one that we have in the house hasn't fallen over yet. It's also weighed down by over a hundred pounds of books and leaning against a wall though. The instructions posted on the website required that an anti-topple device be attached though.
Ikea LERBERG Shelf
Expandability/ Customizability
Nothing that I can find.

Everyday Use
It's being used as a book storage repository. I'm avoiding the use of the word bookshelf because books go on, but they never come off. The owner of the shelf has a spending problem and purchases too many books that never get read.

The main issue I have with the LERBERG, which I already mentioned, is that it's a very small shelf. Both the shorter GORM and IVAR shelving units stand at least 20cm taller. They are also modular and can be expanded relatively cheaply by adding extra shelves. I have two BILLY shelves that stand 2.0m tall and hold a lot more stuff.

For a price of only $19.99 though, the LERBERG isn't a bad system. It's still $10 cheaper than the GORM, which costs US$ 29.99. That is nearly a 1/3 reduction in cost. However, you'd lose the extra storage capacity. Also, the LERBERG is steel, which may tickle your fancy. It's worth a look and is compact in case that's a requirement.

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