Saturday, June 29, 2013

Philips Cool White (>4000k) and Daylight (6500k) LED Bulbs

Finally. I've found some.

For the past few months, I've had some difficulty looking for regular shaped LED A19/E26 light bulbs with a color temperature greater than 2700k. If you're not aware, 2700k is the "warm" and yellow-ish color of light that usually comes out of old incandescent bulbs. This was a popular and prized color that became sorely missed during the transition to CFL bulbs.

As far as I know, most LED bulbs for sale at Ikea are 2700k only as noted in my reviews. This makes sense because it's probably one of the more popular color temperatures for light bulbs sold. However, there is a market for cool white bulbs with "whiter" or "bluer" light.
Philips LED Bulb
Demand for "Whiter" Light
When we finally finished renovating our bathroom, a 2700k bulb was put in and the room never seemed to look right. Possible, it was due to the light blue paint. After we put in a 4100k bulb, it looked better. And to remind you, a 4100k-ish bulb is what you may see come from a "typical" CFL or any fluorescent light. It may come down to preference or some other application like photography. I've seen quite a few photography lighting kits feature daylight CFL bulbs.

Anyways, below is what I've found and they're all from Philips. There may be similar bulbs from other manufacturers -- I think I saw some at Walmart last week.

From (descriptions are according to website):
Philips 4W Bulb at 5000k
Philips 6W Bulb at 5000k
Philips 7W Bulb at 6500k
Philips 10.5W Bulb at 6500k

These were the few I found on that may be different (descriptions are according to website):
Philips 8W at 5000k
Philips 11W at 5000k

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