Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ikea Wishlist: TUVE and HEKTAR Lamps

Haven't done one of these in a while. This is where I look at a very impressive Ikea product(s) that I want, but either can't afford, can't carry home, or can't completely justify. In the case of lamps, in general, the problem lies in the second issue: can't carry home.

Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp: US$ 69.99
This mostly steel lamp should be mostly covered by a black epoxy powder coating according to the product description. It also apparently weighs in around 23 lb, stands just shy of 6' tall, and takes common E26 bulbs

The only thing that has stopped me from getting this lamp is the 23 lb weight -- no car and very long subway ride. There's something about the oversized lamp shade, powder coating, and industrial style hinges that I love. One problem I've found with lamps that I have is that the shades are too narrow and they don't illuminate large enough an area. At the same time, I always want a table lamp that lights up an entire room. This lamp also appears to use a floor button that is designed to be activated using one's foot.

There are also ceiling and clip-on versions of this lamp. I almost got the clip-on one until I made it to the store and realized that it uses smaller bulbs.

Ikea TUVE Table Lamp: US$ 39.99
I actually just discovered this lamp a few days ago when looking for a table lamp. It's not that expensive around US$ 40, but it isn't exactly cheap either. For the price, one should get a lamp with a solid beech lower tube, steel powder coated upper tube, and a linen-cotton blend shade (website). It supposedly stands 22" tall.

Looks like I really like powder coatings. This lamp is a wood-metal hybrid that just looks very well matched. I love the industrial-ish feel from the two materials that gives the lamp a certain charm. Unfortunately, it is not in stock at my local store. The package should only weigh 6 lb (website), which may be uncomfortable to carry, but not too much of a pain -- I carried a LERSTA home and that should weigh around the same.

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