Monday, June 03, 2013

IKEA TULLSTA Armchair Review

First things first: no pictures.

Not because my camera's broken, not to protect anyone, not because it's wrecked: just because I Craigslisted it a few years ago...

Okay, now that a great tone has been set, let's get going. It's not a bad chair! I bought the TULLSTA because it was a very stylish chair -- I got the red one -- for a relatively low price. Being much younger when I picked it up, "it's pretty" was a good enough reason to spend over a hundred dollars.

To me, this was a very "modern" (or retro?), fashion forward chair and getting it in red was a statement in itself. With a cloth exterior, wood legs, and curves all around, the TULLSTA could be a welcome accent to the room. The somewhat deep cushion, wide back, and cushion make for a very comfortable seat too.

Like I said, no pictures
Ikea TULLSTA Armchair - $99.00


Even with a boat of an older car, the very square cardboard box the TULLSTA came packaged in did not want to fit in the car. The trunk was a definite "no" as that would have meant having to keep the trunk popped all the way home. Trying to get it into the backseat was no better. Getting rid of the box became the only solution and even then it was a tight fit in the back seat.

The point of that elaborate story is that to be prepared for trouble if you have a smaller sedan. As for assembly, there wasn't much required on my part because the only detached portions were the two cushions and the legs. I only had to screw the legs into predrilled holes on the underside of the chair. Think I manually screw them in with my hands too.


At a height of only 77cm, a width of 80cm, and a depth of 70cm, the chair is very square (website). Even sitting when contorting my body into weird positions, it felt very stable to sit on (the few times I did) -- for safety, don't do what I do, duh. This is all assuming that the design hasn't changed much since I bought and sold it (don't think so?). Also, remember that I'm not a very heavy or small person and can get away with a lot of things (5'4", 140lb). The chair weighs only 29lb too (website).

Expandability / Customizability

Nothing I can think of.

Everyday Use

There are a few fond memories etched in my mind involving this chair. They involved me slouching deeply into that chair right in front of a television on some hot summer evenings. All the other memories involved using the seat for storage and vacuuming it once in a while. It cleaned really easily with the upholstery brush attachment on the vacuum.

The problem wasn't with the chair. In the end, it came down to this: I forgot to remind myself that I'm not a chair person. Task chairs for computers and desks, definitely. Sofas, armchairs, and Lazy Boys for relaxing, not quite so much. I am a carpet dweller. Always have been. Everything was done on the carpet as I grew up eating, homework, sleeping, reading, relaxing, etc. Long story short, the chair didn't get much use from me.

It was placed on the side of the room purely for decoration and sat on a few times. After a few years, I got tired of looking at it and decided to give it a new home. The good news is that the chair sold for a pretty good price and someone moving into a new apartment got it for a nice discount. Oh, and I think I paid $125 or $150, so the price may have dropped over the years -- wouldn't be the first time.


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