Saturday, June 22, 2013

GE LED A19 "40W" and "60W" Bulbs Overview

A few days ago, I went shopping at a Walmart and did a full, detailed aisle browse. I eventually ended up in the light bulbs section and noticed that they finally had "normal" looking LED bulbs.

Walmart was one of the first stores I ever saw LED bulbs of any kind available for sale at. However, that was years ago when LED bulbs were still extremely expensive (>$30) with very weird shapes/configurations and relatively poor light output. I seem to recall one bulb that was a 30W-ish incandescent equivalent with a few dozen LEDs aligned in concentric circles.

GE Energy Smart LED A19 Bulbs

Back to the story: during my Walmart trip, I came across regular looking LED A19 base bulbs by General Electric (GE). Unlike the Ikea and Philips bulbs that I've seen, these GE bulbs appeared to feature a number of vents and had an inside and outside shell.

Go to's website to check out the 60W and 40W equivalents available.

Light Output and Power Consumption

According to the Walmart website, the "40W" puts out 450 lumens and the "60W" outputs 810 lumens; neither are for use with dimmers. The utilize 7.5W and 12W, respectively. Recall from an earlier post that a "proper" 60W incandescent equivalent should do around 800 lumens, which this bulb comes in line with. I believe 450 lumens is around "proper" for a 40W equivalent.

Colour Temperature

I don't see any information relating to colour temperature, but it wouldn't probably be too far a stretch to assume that it's a warm ~3000k -- totally a guess.


The price, at the time of writing, is about CAD$ 25 for the "60W" and CAD$ 15 for the "40W". This is more expensive than a Philips 10.5W LED bulb that should output 800 lumens for CAD$ 14.88 at Home Depot (.ca at time of writing).


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