Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Highway 26 by Collingwood, Ontario

Been sitting on these photos for a few years. They're of the new Highway 26 built parallel to the old Highway 26 just to the north. This was after they cleared the trees, but before the started full-on construction of the road. Think these were from 2009-ish. Last I heard, this highway was finally opened in the Fall of 2012. The most interesting parts of the highway may be the two or three roundabouts located at either end of the road.
Highway 26 at Fairgrounds Rd. Looking West 1

Mr. Google did another drive around in the area fairly recently, but it appears that they were too early and missed the opening. Long story short, you can't see much of it on Street View.
Highway 26 at Fairgrounds Rd. Looking West 2
This doesn't seem like that big of a deal until you realize that huge highways don't get built that often -- I like to think. And roundabouts are still somewhat new to Ontario and probably other parts of the country. Might be worth a trip over next time you head up to the cottage?
Highway 26 at Fairgrounds Rd. Looking West 3