Saturday, May 25, 2013

Montreal and Toronto Bike Lanes

Here are a few pictures of the curb separated bike lanes used in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. These were taken from a trip a few years back, so unless some crazy things have happened, they should still be there. I have no idea where this is since I was incredibly lost the whole time I was there -- I made it back to the hotel and bus station though.
Montreal Bike Lane - Note regular and lowered curbs.
Note the high and low curbs in the top photo, the existence of lane markings, and details of the lane markings (i.e. yellow paint, broken and solid lines). Thanks to it being fall, I don't remember seeing many bikes, but it looks like bike go both ways in that one closed off section. Remember that there are a lot of one-way streets in Montreal though.

Montreal Bike Lane - Solid yellow line with special markings.
Montreal Bike Lane - Close-up
Toronto, the center of the universe, just got its first curb separated bike lanes on Sherbourne St. just to the east of Jarvis St. Construction was completed a while back and they "officially" opened around June 2013. Check YouTube for videos of the lane.