Thursday, May 30, 2013

Briefcase Alert: Roots New City Briefcase-Box

Noticed an ad in my inbox this morning concerning a new collection of briefcases available at Roots Canada and I thought I saw a once highly coveted bag. Well, it turns out I did see it. Behold, the New City Briefcase-Box.

It's been at least a year since I think I last saw this briefcase available at Roots, and my fuzzy memory means that I'm not completely sure if this is indeed the same design.

From my experience with Roots products, I'm fairly confident in the quality of this bag. My only complaint and concern is the exterior zippers on the back of the bag, which may scrape against clothing regularly if used like a shoulder bag. Whether that is paranoia or a real cause for concern, I leave up to you.

Regardless, it is a very modern looking briefcase with a front flap that can be secured with a single click-buckle for convenience. If you check out my review of the J.Crew Abingdon bag, one of my wishes was for a similar buckle in place of the more traditional leather strap.

It's yours for only CAD$ 398! Just do note that this may not be a permanent fixturein the Root's catalog. The last time I saw it, the bag was only available through part of the year and eventually delisted. Enjoy!

Check out:

Roots Canada New City Briefcase-Box: $398.00

Update: July 5, 2013
The New City Briefcase-Box is no longer available! I had a direct link to the product, which has since been removed, and it took me to a page saying that the bag was sold out already. That's about a month after I first posted about this, so better be quick if it's released again next year.

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