Saturday, April 27, 2013

IKEA LERSTA Floor Lamp Review

Once upon a time, you buy some new LED bulbs and your plans are screwed up, so you end up with a spare 25W (incandescent equivalent) bulb lying around. You blew $13 on it and you're curious how it works, so you feel obligated to use it in some way. What do you do? If you're loaded or stupid with your money, you head to Ikea and buy a brand new lamp you don't really have plans to use -- just so you can stick that bulb into something you like.

Welcome to my life.

Ikea LERSTA Floor Lamp

However, I have no regrets about this lamp. I "splurged" on one of the cheapest lamps available at Ikea: the LERSTA. It is a freestanding E26 socket floor lamp that only costs $16.99 and has a polished aluminum exterior. The interior of the shade is painted white, and the joint allows the orientation and elevation of the shade to be adjusted. For $17, it is a very polished and clean looking lamp. Dare I say, "sophisticated"?

1 LERSTA Table Lamp ($16.99)


Putting this lamp together was pretty simple when I could catch a thread. It took me a while to join the two halves of the posts together because the threads just weren't gripping for some reason. All I had to do was screw the two posts together and the lower post into the base. The shade was attached using some plastic parts, which was simple and hard because I had to center everything on my own. There were no keyed holes to help guide me into the right spot. Aside from that, once I was done, I screwed in the bulb, and I was good to go.

Video overview of lamp here.


The LERSTA has a relatively light base. By "light", I mean that it was the lightest floor lamp that I could find in the store that I could hump home on my own on the bus. My arms were only mildly strained by the time I got back holding the box.

I have accidentally knocked the shade a few times by now while stretching. The lamp has yet to tip over even slightly. If there is a problem with stability, I haven't found it yet. When properly screwed in, the post doesn't wobble and feels firm despite its very narrow diameter.

Ikea LERSTA Floor Lamp base

Expandability / Customizability
You can buy more lamps and switch the bulbs out when you're bored...

Everyday Use

The shade is adjustable in both height, orientation, and position, so it's very easy for me to direct the light from this lamp. It has a simple on/off clicking switch located around mid-height, the cord is an adequate length for my purposes and gives a few feet of reach beyond an outlet. If I wanted more length, a simple extension cord would work fine. I've used my LERSTA for reading and additional light when I need it. Also, I've used it as an auxiliary light when hiding from the neighbors and changing out the ceiling light.

It's a good lamp while in use, it's easy to put together, looks good on its own, and uses one of the most standard bases (E26) available. Go for it.


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