Saturday, February 23, 2013

LED Bulbs: Ikea LEDARE 10W ("60W"-ish equivalent) now available!

Update: Bought and reviewed the LEDARE "60W" bulb.

While doing one of my regular Ikea website surfs last week, I noticed that a 60W equivalent LED bulb is now available from Ikea. In case you missed my last feature on LED bulbs from Ikea, here it is -- I like them!

You can probably find it in stores as neither the American or Canadian Ikea websites appear to be shipping them.

According to the product literature, this one is dimmable and priced at US$ 13.99 versus US$ 12.99 for the 40W equivalent, non-dimmable version. However, one important detail is apparent from the overview: it's not really a 60W equivalent incandescent bulb at only 600 lumens drawing 10W of electricity -- 60W incandescent bulbs are usually around 800 lumens. This one's a bit closer to a 50W equivalent.

Again, go check out my feature on LED bulbs including a Philips 60W equivalent dimmable bulb. In comparison, the Philips model draws 12.5W and is rated at 800 lumens. It serves as the ceiling light in my room quite well. This bulb goes for $23.98 at Home Depot (Canadian website at time of writing) though. A cheaper 10.5W (also 60W equivalent) non-dimmable LED bulb is also available from Philips, but this one will set you back $17.88.

Back to the Ikea LEDARE bulb... In case you're wondering about color temperature, the website does not say what it is. Nonetheless, I do not believe that I have ever seen a CFL or "regular" E26 base bulb at Ikea that isn't a warm 2700k. The three other LED bulbs available at Ikea are labeled 2700k and I've got one of them on right now -- yes, the light is yellow and reminiscent of an incandescent bulb.


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