Friday, September 21, 2012

Then or than, your or you're...OMFG! Grammar!

As we leave the ancient world of face to face contact behind and move to a new frontier of typed communication, we have fewer ways to judge another party. No longer is there a face, a spoken voice, a bad haircut, stained pants, cheap shoes and a 5 o'clock shadow to see.

There is now the avatar and the typed word - if you really want to get into it, there's also the communication software, number of posts, account name, etc. How a person types and writes plays a huge role in how we perceive another. And this is where you welcome me to a decade or more ago...

Okay, I am not that great at grammar, but I am not terribad either. It's the interwebs and letting loose on the evil grammar is one great perk. I can ignore capitals, all caps, misused periods, commas, and a bunch of other things. However, there are just some things that just make me go, "really?". Some of those items are listed below, and here's your chance to learn how to dodge them grammar people.

Without further ado, I present thee some common grammar mistakes used in "trying to be funny" sentences.

"then" and "than"

"I tried to write a witty sentence and couldn't think of anything, then gave up. It's like totally better than not having a sentence?"

"your" and "you're"

"I was gonna give you your money back, but because you're an ass and criticized my grammar, I burned it. DIAF."

"its" and "it's"

"This is so lame. It is really lame. No, really, it's so lame. Where's my bottle? My liver needs its alcohol."

"loose" and "lose"

"My drawer handle came loose. Wow, I could like totally lose the handle if don't get it fixed."
That's all I can think of right now. I tried my best...


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