Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dear Diary #13: Open Boxes, Foam Food Containers, Good Luck

Dear Diary,

Twas clearing out some old notes and files and found a letter congratulating me on making the honor roll in my final year. I made the honor roll? Wow.

After a week or two vacation, the spider is back. Ugh...

Order of chicken wings came with a complementary foam container that melted all over its interior where the wings came into contact with it. Restaurant could have used an aluminum or paper container, or let the chicken cool down a bit. Instead, it chose to dump really hot food soaked with oil into a foam container. Yay...

Bought a box of macaroni and cheese with its box cut open across its width -- good box cutter handling, store people. Didn't notice until I was ready to cook it. Thought about throwing it out since it was 70 cents but... good luck to me!


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