Thursday, July 30, 2015

Musings: I Smell Bad

It's not what you think. I smell so "good" that I smell bad.

A week ago, I ran out of bar soap in the shower and had to dig around a cabinet for a new bar. The only one that turned up was something that I hadn't used in a while. It didn't set off any alarm bells in my head when I looked at the brand name -- there's one that dries my skin out -- so I went ahead and used it. I don't think I noticed anything the first day, but on the second day, there was a smell that seemed to be everywhere. Not being the only one in the house, there was a possible that it was someone else that decided to use a bunch of perfume or cosmetics. Maybe a new shampoo was being used? Why not blame it on someone else?

After a few hours of trying to ignore the odor while home alone, the idea that it may have been coming from me popped into my head. Now, what was it that I changed in the past few days? Oh right, the soap.

The smell isn't "bad", it's just there 24/7 and every few minutes, I notice it. If another person were to come into my vicinity with the odor, I would have not a problem with it. Having to be around it all day is the only issue.

Why don't you stop using the soap then?

There was almost a full bar left when I realized that it was bugging me. If I didn't use it, the bar would have gone into the garbage or sat in a dish for a few years. I decided to just suck it up and use it until it was small enough to "accidentally" drop down the drain -- and to complain about it en ligne. About half a bar remains at this time, a week later. One more week to go...

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