Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Infrared: Winter Jacket Indoors

Winter Jacket: From the Front
Winter Jacket Through an Infrared Camera
And this is the same thing in grey. Well, it's similar with minor differences. I like the color version because details seem more visible. Grey is more "traditional" though, and is a bit shorter in length. Shorter and about as sweet.
Winter Jacket: From the Back

This is a video of a winter jacket, a rather popular one, that is being worn indoors. Bare hands go into various pockets to see how they show up on camera. For comparison, below is a photo of the same thing being done with a light, spring or summer weight sweater.
Sweater: Up Front
It was shot in the morning, not that it mattered, and to help things along, some exercise may have been done with the zipper done up. Did I mention it was indoors in a heated building? One detail to note is that the hands were first inserted in a set of pockets on the sides before going into the front pockets that opened from the top. One pocket opening was behind a relatively thin layer of fabric while the other was behind an extra layer of similar material, but not insulation. In this case, the insulation was a Sherpa lining.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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