Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Musings... Goodbye Faster Internet

My internet service provider was upping the cost of my package. Numerous options existed. I could have changed services, upgraded to another package, downgraded to another packaging, or just let the change happen. It was only about ten dollars a month. No big deal, just leave it be?

Unfortunately, for my internet provider, it really wasn't that big of a deal. I had been questioning if I should downgrade to a cheaper package to save some money for the past year. Due to the low frequency that I downloaded big things, it didn't seem to make sense to have such a fast connection to surf and watch YouTube most of the time. Having the extra speed in reserve for a little extra seemed like a pretty good idea though. Then the rate rose by a couple dollars and something just clicked. It pushed the price past a mental barrier and I didn't have to think much before putting in a request to have my speed dropped.

Interwebs Access Now About 50% Slower
The download and upload speeds of the next package over for me were about 50% lower. That's the option I chose because moving to a new provider and having to, potentially, deal with new equipment or wait for the cable guy turned me off.

Well, the change happened recently. I was kind of shocked at how little a difference it made for 99% of what I did. There hasn't been a major download recently though. Chances are that I'll be crying when I have to wait a few hours to download something that used to take one or two. Uploads to YouTube were definitely slower, but they used to be so fast that I wasn't even done filling out the information before it was ready to go. Webpages loaded at what seemed like the same speed for me, and videos still worked smoothly. Kind of wish I did this sooner now...

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