Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Goldfish Mac and Cheese, Nacho Review

Macaroni and cheese. The dry noodle or ramen form of it. Found this by the Kraft Dinner at the supermarket. It was cheaper than the non-original Kraft Dinner recipe per box and new to me, so why not?
Goldfish Macaroni and Cheese
A cardboard box containing a packet of powder for the sauce and dry pasta. The bits of pasta were shaped like fishes with holes throughout that looked like scales. Inside the sauce packet was a yellow powder.

I cooked the entire box all at once using a stove and a stainless steel pot. With Kraft Dinner, I occasionally cook half because I don't feel like eating the entire box. The pasta was cooked first in plain tap water, and then I added the sauce powder with some milk and margarine. I did not follow the instructions on the box exactly, it was essentially cooked by eye with the instructions used as a guide.

Goldfish Macaroni and Cheese Served

There was some concern that I added too much milk so the sauce would come out very watery. However, once everything was served and cooled, it didn't seem like there was a problem. Leaving the pot on the stove to evaporate some of the liquid may have helped. The sauce also appeared to thicken once the temperature went down. Only fine ground pepper was added to the final product before eating.

Taste & Verdict
To get the boring part out of the way first, the pasta tasted great in my opinion. By great, I mean it tasted very neutral. There was no overpowering taste that distracted from the sauce. It was very good in my view and I managed not to overcook it since the texture was good, not too soft, not too hard.

The centerpiece of the package was the nacho-flavored cheese sauce, which was Goldfish branded. I have had Goldfish crackers in the past and found that they were pretty good. They were not good enough to become a favorite that I had to pick up whenever I was shopping for food though. As for nacho cheese, I hadn't had that stuff in a very long time since I stopped going to 7-11 on a regular basis. How was it?

I would say that the sauce was pretty good. It reminded me very much of nacho cheese dip and had that signature, strong nacho taste to it. Memories did come back of the stuff I got at 7-11 and even a packet of supermarket, make your own nacho cheese dip sauce I once had -- that one time was incredible. There was maybe a second time but I burned it and that experience killed nacho cheese for me. Did it remind me of Goldfish crackers? Because I was told that it was Goldfish branded mac and cheese, I did think it tasted a bit like the crackers. However, most cracker forms of cheddar cheese are somewhat similar to me. And it had been a while since I had Goldfish crackers, so maybe my memory was off.

In summary, I liked the Goldfish Mac and Cheese and wouldn't mind picking another box up. The nacho flavor was interesting and it seemed different compared to the mac and cheese I usually bought. Price was pretty good at under $1.50 a box, and I made a pretty big plate out of a single package.

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