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Time for another Ikea Finds update -- otherwise known as me clicking through the "New" tab on the United States Ikea website.

Reminder that these are impressions only. I don't have any of the items and have not used them before. And most details were obtained from the website during the time of writing.

SPRIDA LED Spotlight (US$ 29.99)
The SPRIDA is described as an LED spotlight that doubles as a projector. Filed under "Children's lighting 8-12", it's obviously a children's product. Even as a very immature adult, I don't think I would have much use for something like this -- my 3D LED Maglite can do what this does and "more". However, it is a very interesting looking toy. I see more fun to be had with it as a focused light source than a projector though. No mention on the wattage when I visited the site.

DANSA Disco Ball with LED Light (US$ 34.99)
I was initially only going to mention the SPRIDA LED spotlight, but I found more things to admire. The DANSA is a disco ball. Does anything more need to be said? It's described as having built-in LED lamps. And from how I understand the wording, they change colors. Pretty cool/weird device. Again, not my sort of thing.

SYNAS LED Light Box (US$ 29.99)
This, however, may be my sort of thing. The SYNAS is a transparent box with a built-in LED light source in the base. I could actually see myself using this to show random things off and using it as a traditional display case. For $30, the price isn't bad. Coming in at a 9"x9"x9" cube, the size may be a bit restrictive though. Looks like the SYNAS may have been around for a while and I missed it.

SOLUR Tennis Trainer (US$ 16.99)
It's an elastic band tied to an iron base? Not being a tennis player, I have to admit that I'm a bit lost on this one. The item allows you to hit the ball and have it come back? More importantly, it appears that Ikea now has a line of "Beach and game accessories". I saw badminton and mini tennis rackets, balls, and a net. Not being a very active person, I will watch this line with intrigue.

LEDARE 600 lumen Bulbs (US$ 9.99)
The 600 lumen bulbs at Ikea are finally getting updated and with a lower price. Last year, when I bought my 600 lumen Ikea bulb, it was still CAD$ 15 -- think the price was similar in the United States. This new bulb appears to have a rounder lens and different base design. Instead of a ridged design, the new one appears to be smooth like the 400 lumen model. I also say, "bulbs", because there are a clear and a translucent lens version. Price isn't bad, but an 800 lumen Philips bulb can be had a local Home Depot for about CAD$ 12.

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