Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flicking an LED Light Bulb On

LED Light Bulb
LED Light Bulb being Turned On
This took a lot longer than I expected. I've been switching over to LED light bulbs from CFLs over the past year, and I've noticed that most of my bulbs get too hot to touch at the base after being on for a while. Now that I have a portable, non-contact thermometer, why not try to measure it?

The video is an LED turned on from rest and warming up. One interesting thing to note is how the lens at the top blends into the background. That's usually the coolest part to touch for the LED bulbs that I have.

It has been sped up 1000% because there were 25 minutes of footage and I didn't think anyone wanted to watch it all. A few minutes were also snipped out at the beginning and end. The bulb hadn't been used in days.

Surprisingly, this bulb didn't get too hot to touch. If I recall correctly, the other bulbs that I own get almost too hot to touch around the half-hour mark. This one was actually cool enough to touch and hold without feeling a burning sensation. I did try to measure the temperature, which came out to around 60 C -- should be too hot to touch comfortably from my experience. The camera was clearly not set up properly, so the reading must have been way off. Also, my hands were very cold, so maybe that helped. The bulb was still heating up when I turned the camera off. It probably would have gotten hotter over time.

Reminder: Temperatures are not accurate.

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