Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Holy crap: It's September!

The fiscal year starts around April, the calendar year start's in the dead of winter after Christmas, and the "real year" starts in September. Well, for me, at least, because school always started in September.

September is when school starts and it usually runs for a good 12-ish years just for elementary school. Add two years of kindergarten or pre-school, three or four years of college, and it pushes past 15 years from birth to one's early- or mid-twenties. Tack on graduate school or a PhD and it may be all you know. Having this occur during the most formative years, one's adolescence, makes it feel that much more of a tradition.

But what really makes the world turn is television. September is the month when new seasons and series start premiering in North America -- more specifically the U.S. of A. Television practically raised me and kept me company for way more time than I care to admit.

Work isn't so much a begin-anew thing in September as a return to normal. With kids out of school through the summer, it's common for adults to take lots of vacation throughout the summer -- and to enjoy the weather. Business doesn't really shut down as it does slow down and get deferred a bit. Someone has to babysit the young'uns through the summer. Come September, kids should either be back at school or away for college, and it's back to business.

So, here's to a happy new "real year". Here's to September. Summer's over, omfg!

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